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Annual Quarterly Declaration

Annual Quarterly Declaration Instructions

Employers Quarterly Return

Employers Quarterly Return Instructions

M-1040 - Year End Form



1. Malta's Income Tax Rate -----1%
2. Who Must File ----- All residents of the Village of Malta are required to file unless you have
  previously registered as having no taxable income and nothing has changed. Non residents
  who worked in Malta and the tax wasn't withheld must file.All Businesses located in Malta or
  conducting business in Malta.
3. Due Date of Return ----- All tax returns must be filed by April 15th following the close
  of the calendar year. For Fiscal year taxpayers returns must be filed within four (4) months
  from the end of the fiscal year.
4. Extensions of Time to File ----- You must request an extension and forward a copy of
  your Federal Extension request.
5. What is Nontaxable ----- Non-taxable income includes Federal or State unemployment
  military pay, capital gains and losses, interest, dividends, social security benefits, welfare
  payments, annuities at the time of distribution, pension income and income which the Village
  is specifically prohibited from taxing.
6. Address for Filing ----- Village of Malta - P.O. Box 307 - Malta, Ohio 43758

Phone: (740) 962-4971

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